So about this time last year I spent quite a bit of time researching what weather was being forecast for the coming winter.
The general consensus seemed to be an OK winter, although not a single source said anything about being consistently very cold with regular big snow falls, so it was a very pleasant surprise when last winter turned out to be one of the best winters in the Alps for over 10 to 20 years, depending on who you spoke to.

Then in spring this year the MetOffice came out and predicted a Barbecue summer in the UK, not sure if this was just an attempt to cheer people up and ease the financial crisis but it spectacularly failed to materialise, although it was the hottest and sunniest Wimbledon for years.

The MetOffice have just said the early indications are for another average winter.

But I’m thinking all these predictions seem to be fairly rubbish !

I can tell you that we had a superb hot summer in the Alps, so maybe the MetOffice just got there map upside down or something when they did the prediction in spring. Plus we’ve had a record number of spiders in the chalet this summer and as we all know this has got to be a good sign for the snowy winter to come.

Fingers crossed.

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