Superb Ski Conditions in French Alps   February 22nd, 2012

The Siberian super cold air has finally gone and conditions are fantastic on the mountain now with lots of sun and deep deep snow everywhere.

It’s been a real pleasure to go out in sunny and relativity warm conditions (compared to the previous 3 weeks), the pistes are all in excellent shape and the off-piste is good fun too.

This February has not been as busy as previous years, the main UK school holidays were last week and it was a long way off as busy as usual. The main car parks at Pre-la-Joux have not been totally rammed which is usually the case in school holidays. Defiantly a sign of people being careful with their money.

Not much snow forecast for the coming week so time to get the sun cream out and enjoy the snow.

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If the forecasts are correct we should finally be getting a change in the weather from tomorrow with temperatures staying above -10°C for the rest of the week, which will be a very welcome change.

I have been advising our guests for the last couple of weeks to wear all the ski clothing they have brought with them, 2 pairs if thermals / glove liners / extra fleece and nobody has complained about being too warm !  A few days when the wind was blowing it bitter cold on the mountain, trying to keep fingers and toes warm was a real struggle.

The pistes are all super smooth and even the off-piste has stayed very skiable with the cold temperatures.

Anyone driving a diesel fuel vehicles in the mountains needs to be careful in these super cold temperatures as the fuel becomes waxy and can easily cause the vehicle to stop. A top tip is to fill your tank with local diesel from the highest filling station on the mountain, they will add more additives to the fuel to ensure it continues to work as expected as temperatures get very low.

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Wow that is very very cold   February 6th, 2012

We have had a coldest temperatures I have ever seen in Chatel, yesterday morning the temperature at the chalet was -23°C.  We only just made it down to Geneva airport because the diesel was starting to freeze in the tank.

Out on the ski slopes the snow is in excellent condition but the wind chill is rather painful on the ski lifts at the top of the mountain.

We where treated to super fluffy powder last week which stayed in amazing condition for several days due to the very low temperatures.

I have been skiing in the most clothes I have even worn out on the mountain and only just been warm enough.

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