Hopefully the Final Day of Super Cold Today   February 13th, 2012

If the forecasts are correct we should finally be getting a change in the weather from tomorrow with temperatures staying above -10°C for the rest of the week, which will be a very welcome change.

I have been advising our guests for the last couple of weeks to wear all the ski clothing they have brought with them, 2 pairs if thermals / glove liners / extra fleece and nobody has complained about being too warm !  A few days when the wind was blowing it bitter cold on the mountain, trying to keep fingers and toes warm was a real struggle.

The pistes are all super smooth and even the off-piste has stayed very skiable with the cold temperatures.

Anyone driving a diesel fuel vehicles in the mountains needs to be careful in these super cold temperatures as the fuel becomes waxy and can easily cause the vehicle to stop. A top tip is to fill your tank with local diesel from the highest filling station on the mountain, they will add more additives to the fuel to ensure it continues to work as expected as temperatures get very low.

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