Most people in Northern Europe are currently experiencing an icy blast of cold air flowing south from the Arctic, we had snow down to about 100m above the village at the weekend and tomorrow our first blanket of winter snow is due to fall over all the village.
So time for my yearly winter French Alps snow prediction, as the weather has cooled over the last month the annual invasion of big black spiders has taken place. This year we had a record count of 4 big ones caught in the bath at one time, which I’m fairly confident signifies a very snowy winter.
But if you want more scientific approach I’ve found these couple of related BBC News articles Low solar activity link to cold UK winters & Solar surprise for climate issue.
Both suggesting the currently observed extended Solar minimum could have been responsible for the last couple of cold winter we’ve experienced and suggesting this trend could continue for another few years.
So I’m predicting that winter will be cold & snowy with lots of great skiing to be had.

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