The theme of this winter ski season seems to be cold and sunny, in fact I’m not sure when was the last time it wasn’t sunny for a majority of the day. Pretty much every morning is bright blue skies and very cold, for the last couple of weeks its been between -6°C & -10°C for the school run.
The last significant snowfall was back on the 10th of January, quite a while back, but the pistes are currently looking pretty good, they are all flat, firm and fast. All the main runs and lifts are open, the snow cannons have been worked pretty hard recently, although the avalanche blasters have been having a pretty quiet time.
All in all, don’t believe any negative grumblings about lack of snow, people are out enjoying the mountains in beautiful sunshine and having a great time.
Before you know it, people will be moaning its snowing too much and they can’t see anything, probably !!

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