Chatel Ski Lessons   October 29th, 2011

After working many winter seasons and seeing lots of skiers on holiday I thought I might share a few of my observations about ski lessons.

Basically ski lessons are a good idea and a great investment with the aim to improving your enjoyment of your holiday.

It’s not only absolute beginners that can benefit from lessons, almost all abilities can improve with good instruction. The great thing is that the better your level the more you are able to get out of a lesson, for example an intermediate skier with plenty of experience who is willing to listen and wanting to improve will find a 2 hour lesson with a skilled instructor can produce instant results to their skiing. The fact they are experienced allows them to really take in the techniques the instructor is trying to get across.

Many people still imagine ski lessons to involve standing in a line listening to an instuctor shout “bend zee knees” in poor English, but that’s not the case nowadays with a little informed choice. A private instructor with lots of experience and recommendations can do wonders for your technique.

Ski holidays are not cheap and once you get here you should aim to get maximum enjoyment from your trip, I’ve seen many people who refuse to have lessons and spend the whole week stuck at the bottom of the mountain struggling with the beginner slopes. They often insist they are having a good time, but I’m sure some lessons would allow them to explore a lot more of the mountain and keep up with their friends – which would undoubtedly mean getting more enjoyment out of the whole trip. A few extra Euros spent on lessons would be well worth it.

Here in Chatel there are a wide variety of ski lessons available to suit all abilities, group sizes & wallets. There is either ski school groups or independent private lessons. If personally think privates are worth paying the extra, the guys are all very good and they are tailored better because of the smaller group. With a few people together they are quite economical.

I can always helps advise clients to ensure they get the most from their holiday.

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