Top 5 Expensive Ski Gadgets for 2013   September 15th, 2012

Thought I’d better get this list in early as these are amazing gadgets but they’re not cheap. So you’ll need a little time to save up and convince yourself you can’t possibly hit the slopes next winter without these must have items.

Recon Instruments’ MOD Live ~ £320

A heads-up display inside your ski goggles – just like a jet fighter pilot!  Awesome

Embedded with a GPS, Accelerometer & Gyro – you see stats such as speed, vertical descent, jump airtime, navigation, temperature as you cruise down the mountain.

Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your  smartphone allows you to see text messages as they arrive, or caller ID as anyone phones you, also control your music playlist.

All controlled without having to take your gloves off or your phone out of your pocket.

You’d definitely feel like the Terminator on skis with this bit of kit.

The price doesn’t include the special Recon-Ready goggles you need to purchase too, which are going to cost another £120


These things are everywhere now, you see them used on TV programmes and just for fun by sports enthusiasts. They are to outdoor sports cameras what Iphones are to smartphones, the must have / top of the range product.

Mount one on your helmet (or ski pole) at the start of the day and head out on the mountain. Whether you’re planning to stomp some awesome tricks in the park or just want to catch on film your mates falling over, this is the perfect toy.


Therm-ic SMARTPACK ~ £90

For those who like to keep cosy warm feet even when skiing in the middle of winter this foot warming system should definitely be on your Christmas list.

The heated sole slips into the bottom of your boot and the high performance rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery clip to the top of your boot. You can select 3 heat levels to keep your little toes at the perfect temperature.

Rapid charge means even if you forget the night before, there’s still time while you have breakfast to power them up.

SKI MOJO ~ £325

Maybe not one for everyone but these bionic ski legs are an amazing gadget.

Many aimed at the senior generation or anyone with weak knees or leg strength, they are designed to take up to 30% of the load out of the knee area whilst skiing. Enabling people to ski for longer and supposedly improves your ski posture too.

There have certainly been days on the slopes when I’d wished I’d had my bionic legs on. These would be perfect for skiing down some late season slush, especially after a couple of lunchtime pints in the sun!

Ortovox S1+ PLUS Avalanche Transceiver ~ £350

With all these great gadgets you’re going to be wanting to see how they work in the off-piste. If you’re going to leave the pistes you really should be carrying a transceiver, and of course everyone with you should have one too.

Why not get this top of range model from Ortovox, kinda reminds me of a gadget I’ve seen on Star Trek as kid.

Similar to a flip-out mobile phone, the display will show up to 4 buried victims and is designed to be easy to use.

Anyone carrying a transceiver should also have a probe and snow shovel in their pack too.


After you’ve kitted yourself out with the must have gadgets, you’ll be needing an awesome ski chalet holiday to try them all out. No need to wait until Christmas, contact us now at Absolute Alps Ski Holidays.

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