Choosing The Right Ski Hire   November 19th, 2012

Many people are now saving money on their ski hire by booking in advance on-line. But that means having to make the choice about which skis you’ll be wanting whilst sitting at home in front of your PC.

Traditionally that decision would be made in the ski shop with a little help from the staff who worked there and who would hopefully be able to offer you advise on the best skis for your ability and preferred terrain. Of course not all ski staff are helpful and everyone should have a some basic knowledge of different ski types and how to choose a ski suited to their individual style.

Most stores will offer 3 or 4 different categories of ski, so which should you choose ?

The most basic differences in skis is how fast you expect to ski with them and where you plan to use them;

Categories of Ability

>>A beginner ski will be flexible and forgiving – designed for making lots of short radius slow speed turns. This will make learning the basics skiing much easier

>>An intermediate ski will be designed to be used at a higher speed whilst making longer radius parallel carving turns. The ski will probably be stiffer to give greater stability at higher speed

>>An advanced ski will definitely be designed for parallel carving turns, but the these will be divided again into the type of terrain which you expect to ski;

Categories of Terrain

>>On-piste race skis are totally focused on making perfect carving turns down the piste, they are very responsive and will bite hard into the piste.

>>Freestyle skis are designed for the snowpark, shortish in length and with twin tips (allowing easy backwards skiing) these are for impressing the crowds in park.

>>Off-piste skis will be long and wide (or “fat” in ski speak), they allow you to ride through deep powder snow without sinking.

>>All mountain skis are a compromise of on and off piste performance, they will carve well on the piste but are fat enough to be able to explore the off piste too.

Choosing a style of ski to suit your ability and where you plan to ski will make a big difference to enjoyment of your ski holiday.

Top Tips

>>Beginners should always have beginner skis, taking an advanced ski with not mean you’ll ski more advanced it will mean you’ll struggle to control the skis.

>>An intermediate skier will find it more difficult to progress if they stick with beginner skis, as you ski faster and make bigger turns a beginner ski will feel a bit floppy & not give you the control you need.

>>An advanced skier will be more able to notice the difference between difference models of ski, so choosing a ski for type of terrain they’ll be exploring will add to their enjoyment.

Many good ski hire shops will be happy for you to try different types to ski (others will charge you a little) during your rental, this is really the best way to find a ski that suits you.
Another important point to be aware of when booking skis hire on-line is that most shops will have similar categories of skis but this doesn’t mean they stock the same types of ski in each category. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is often true, because you might find a shop with very good price on their “Advanced” skis but you could get the same ski in another shops “Intermediate” price range. You need to be aware of which skis are being offered in each category and how old those skis are.
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